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Our Values

measuring againWhat should you expect from working on a project with Gaylor Electric? Much more than just a job done with quality work at a fair price, we add value that goes well beyond simple expectations. We promise a positive competent Gaylor experience.

We believe our eight core values clearly define who we are - like a roadmap for employee performance as well as a checklist for client confidence. Just as a solid foundation is critical for the structural soundness of any building, our beliefs are the foundation on which Gaylor Electric is built - the soul of our company.

VALUES are what make us who we are!


We provide comfort and security when you trust us with your investment. We are a company that stands by our work and our word. "We say what we mean and mean what we say." We define integrity as taking responsibility and accountability for our actions, honoring commitments by keeping promises and maintaining credibility by earning your confidence.

Customer Service

When we agree to a project, we bring our best efforts every time to see it through to a successful completion. We have developed and nurtured our relationships with clients by consistently exceeding expectations. A key to our company's success is our customer centered ideals. We are determined to deliver services with exceptional care and excellent quality putting client satisfaction at the top of every punch list.


Safety is the highest priority for every employee. We make sure our professionals are extensively trained in order to have a 100% accident free jobsite. We are dedicated to improving the construction industry in any way. Thus, Gaylor Electric takes responsibility for promoting safe practices by setting a clear example for other trades to follow.

safety during installationSales Growth

Everyone benefits and is profitable when doing business with us. We expect our clients and vendors will enjoy the Gaylor Electric experience to the point they want to grow with us and form a productive relationship.

Return on Investment

Our employees are the most important resource to maximizing return on investment.  Add their commitment, innovation, initiative, and adaptability together to form an equation that will boost your bottom line. On top of all that, our professionals display the industry’s highest level of optimism and the most in depth knowledgebase! Confidence + expertise = a rewarding ROI. 


Performing at a high level is how we made our initial mark on the industry. It is how we continue to attract new clients and maintain established relationships. We bring an “I Can Do” attitude to every project everyday. Our workforce operates with a commitment to the dynamic duo of efficiency and effectiveness in all we do.

Personnel Development

Continued learning is no longer an option. It is an absolute must for the 21st century workforce. We are committed to offering the best, leading edge training available in the construction arena. Through in-house trainers, industry-accredited programs and partnerships with national colleges and universities, we maintain a high level of expertise. We believe that when one of our employees improves through education, we have improved as a company as well.


team following the planWe have developed a culture where people realize their importance. 
Gaylor Electric operates as a TEAM:

We are 'Tough-minded' because of our optimistic approach to getting the job done on time and under budget.

We know that we are good at what we do but we keep our 'Egos' in check and cooperate for the overall benefit of the project.

Every employee is 'All-in, all the time'. We have purpose for what we are doing and we work in unison from start to finish.

Everyone knows it is 'More than just me alone'. All of Gaylor Electric's resources are available to get the job done right the first time.

Gaylor Electric, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. EOE AA M/F/Vet/Disability
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