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Since 1984, Gaylor has built its strong reputation on a foundation of quality and safety.  Over the years, our experienced team of electrical professionals has developed a wealth of knowledge in the application of high standards of design and engineering to the construction of many complex and high-profile projects.  Our electrical knowledgebase is designed to share some of that knowledge.  From time to time, we'll post articles that relate to important safety and quality issues in electrical construction.

Current Articles

What are the requirements for panel board labeling?

Mark Fisher

A panel schedule is required at each panel. Each circuit must be clearly marked to indicate its specific purpose or use and must include enough detail to differentiate it from other circuits.   Read more...

What are the requirements for installing electrical boxes in fire rated walls?

Mark Fisher

Steel boxes that do not exceed 16 square inches (4” x 4”) may be installed provided the total area of openings does not exceed 100 square inches for any 100 square feet of wall area. Read more...

What are the cover requirements for installing PVC conduit underground?

Mark Fisher

Direct-buried cable or conduit or other raceways shall be installed to meet the minimum cover requirements of Table 300.5. Read more...

What are the requirements for installing covers on receptacles in damp and wet locations?

Mark Fisher

A receptacle installed outdoors in a location protected from the weather or in other damp locations shall have an enclosure for the receptacle that is weatherproof when the receptacle is covered. Read more...

What are the requirements for installing EMT conduit or MC cable near a roof deck?

Mark Fisher

A cable- or raceway-type wiring method, installed in exposed or concealed locations under metal-corrugated sheet roof decking, shall be installed and supported so the nearest outside surface of the cable or raceway is not less than 38 mm (1 in.) from the nearest surface of the roof decking.


What is the proper procedure to energize and test a newly installed transformer?

Mark Fisher

Energize the primary feed while leaving he secondary overcurrent device off. Read more...

What are the requirements for wet location receptacles?

Mark Fisher

Article 100 defines a wet location as installations underground or in concrete slabs or masonry in direct contact with the earth. Read more...

What are the requirements for a fire pump service?

Mark Fisher

Fire Pumps are so important there is a separate Article in the NEC dedicated to requirements. Read more...

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